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7 Essential Questions Answered for Buying a Toy Poodle in 2024

Updated: Apr 24

Originating from Germany and the national dog of France, Toy Poodles boasts a rich heritage. The name "poodle" itself has German roots, derived from the word "Pudel." The combination of physical and temperamental traits has made the poodles a popular choice for pet lovers worldwide.  

Toy Poodle

Five Compelling Reasons to Choose a Toy Poodle

There are many reasons to think about Toy Poodles as a treasured addition to your house. They are great companions for both individuals and families because of their loving and devoted attitude. Their modest stature and flexible nature allow them to live happily in a variety of settings, including larger homes and flats. They are the best choice for allergy patients because of their hypoallergenic coat, which sheds less. Toy Poodles can also be quite intelligent and well-trained; they thrive at learning tricks and obedience. Through interactive games and outdoor activities, their lively and cheerful nature guarantees that they provide their owners with delight and entertainment. All things considered, Toy Poodles are the ideal breed for anyone looking for a loyal and affectionate canine friend since they strike the ideal mix of intelligence, enthusiasm, and affection.

Male or a female toy poodle? 

Toy Poodles typically stand at a height of 10 inches (25.4 cm) and weigh between 6-9 pounds (2.7-4.1 kg).

Your own needs and tastes will ultimately determine whether you get a male or female toy poodle. Each gender has distinct qualities and attributes, and both may make amazing pets.

It's common to characterize male Toy Poodles as more lovable and eager to please. In addition, they could be a little more gregarious and lively than women. Nonetheless, intact male dogs occasionally display domineering or territorial tendencies, particularly in the presence of other male dogs.

Generally speaking, female toy poodles are stronger-willed and more independent. Especially after being spayed, they could be less likely than males to go off and mark their territory. Although a dog's disposition can vary greatly, some owners think that female canines are simpler to train and handle.

Black Poodles stand out for their exceptional obedience and trainability, making them sought-after companions for those seeking disciplined pets. Their innate intelligence and eagerness to please render them highly receptive to training commands and tasks reflecting their remarkable aptitude for learning. 

Why toy poodle is a good choice in 2024: 

  • A good choice for Retirees who love to travel 

  • Are very sensitive dogs so can easily detect changes in body language 

  • They can easily detect that you are sad so are good therapy dogs. They do not do good in homes with disturbance, noise, and conflicts. They can even become physically ill in such environments. 

  • They find immense pleasure in generating laughter. 

  • Poodles are a Fine consideration for people with allergy 

  • A hardy breed of dog suitable for any climate  

  • Not an outdoor dog 


Toy Poodles: Ideal Companions for Various Living Arrangements

Apartments and larger households with kids are two types of living situations where Toy Poodles thrive. They can survive in indoor settings due to their small size, and they frequently flourish in close quarters with their human family members. For all their small size, Toy Poodles have plenty of energy and love spending time playing and taking short walks with their owners.

If they have enough mental stimulation and exercise, Toy Poodles can live well in flats. They are often well-behaved indoors and are easily acclimated to apartment living. They are also suited for interior environments due to their low-shedding coats, which produce fewer allergies and hair than some other breeds.


Is Toy Poodle good to go with children? 

Toy Poodles may be fantastic family pets. Toy Poodles are intelligent, loving, and lively dogs that enjoy spending time with kids and developing close relationships with them. They can live indoors due to their small size and generally have enough energy to keep up with energetic kids without getting too crazy.

Still, to guarantee gentle treatment and avoid unintentional injury, adult supervision is necessary when Toy Poodles and young children mix. Toy Poodles must also receive early socialization and obedience training to establish good manners around youngsters and to help them adjust well to family life.

What should be the ideal feeding routine for my toy poodle? 

Awareness of preservatives like ethoxyquin in commercial dog foods is crucial, as is adhering to a regular feeding schedule and monitoring portion sizes. Additionally, small, soft treats and appropriate feeding practices are essential for their well-being. 

  • Stainless steel bowls between 8 to 16 ounces are perfect for keeping their food 

  • Feed your dog at the same time every day 

  • Remove excess food after 30 minutes of feeding time 


Feeding schedule 

8 to 12 weeks old: 3 times a day 

Above 12 weeks times a day 

1 year time a day 


What will the first few days with my toy poodle look like? 

Upon bringing home a Toy Poodle, owners should ensure a calm environment to ease the transition and prevent stress-related ailments. Addressing behavioral quirks such as submissive urination requires patience and understanding, while solutions like avoiding direct eye contact with guests can mitigate such issues. Coprophagia, another common concern, necessitates proactive training and management strategies. 

Toy Poodle

How do I avoid losing my toy poodle? 

In the unfortunate event of a lost Toy Poodle, measures such as tattooing, identification tags, and microchipping offer the best chance of a safe return. 

What sort of grooming does my toy poodle need? 

  • Poodles' hair never stops growing so regular trimming is very important. The hair can grow in the ear canals causing ear problems. These hairs need to be plucked out regularly. 

  • Are active one so need 20 min of exercise  

  • They jump on the arrival of guests which can be appealing but sometimes disturbing as well so, a proper training is required 

  • Teeth should be brushed once a week 

  • Blow-drying its face is not a good option 

  • Exposing the toy poodles to people can help them gain confidence otherwise they will develop the bad habit of defensive biting and can become very possessive of their toys or other belongings 

Monitoring Pulse and Body Temperature 

Poodle owners need to monitor their pet's pulse and body temperature regularly. The normal body temperature for a poodle ranges from 100 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. To measure their temperature accurately, you'll need a rectal thermometer. Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly to the tip of the thermometer and insert it approximately one inch into the rectum while gently holding the dog's tail up. 

In addition to temperature, monitoring the pulse rate is crucial. A healthy poodle typically has a pulse rate of 90 to 120 beats per minute. Regularly checking these vital signs can help detect any underlying health issues early on and ensure your poodle stays happy and healthy.

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