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"A Comprehensive Guide to Cavapoo Dogs: Everything You Need to Know"


Cavapoos, a cute crossbreed between Poodles and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Cavapoos are known for being lovable and amiable, which makes them great family pets and friends. Being intelligent, flexible, and endearing, they have grown to be one of the most well-liked crossbreeds, valued for their fidelity and affection. From its beginnings in the United States in the late 1990s, Cavapoos have become more well-known for their wonderful personalities and hypoallergenic coats, which make them ideal for both homes and single people. Come along as we explore the world of these adorably cute and cherished dog friends.  


A crossbreed between Poodles and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Cavapoos were first seen in the United States in the late 1990s. 

Height : Males 33 - 45 cm Females 33 - 45 cm 

Average weight: Males 5 - 10 kg Females 5 - 10 kg 


Average lifespan 

The average lifespan of a Cavapoo ranges from 13 to 15 years . 


The Cavapoo is recognised for its amiable, devoted, and loving disposition, which it inherited from both parent breeds. They are adored family pets and companions, well-liked for their adaptability to a variety of lifestyles. When socialised early on, Cavapoos like the company of people and grow into loving members of the family who get along well with kids and other pets. But, if left alone for long stretches of time, they could exhibit behavioural problems, underscoring the need of friendship. Cavapoos are sensitive and intelligent dogs that learn best from positive reinforcement methods; they love praise and treats as incentives. They are wonderful therapy dogs when properly socialised and trained, exhibiting their docile and well-rounded temperament. 


As a cross between a Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a cavapoo is an extremely smart and easily trained dog. Given that infants pick things up quickly, it is imperative to begin their instruction early. Establishing ground rules in an entertaining way should be the main goal of the first training session. When they are between 10 and 12 weeks old, enrolling them in puppy lessons helps with socialisation and develops maturity and confidence. 

To assist them comprehend expectations and their position within the pack, consistency is essential in their training. House training may take a little longer, but with perseverance and encouragement, good outcomes can be achieved. During training sessions, Cavapoos do best when given one-on-one attention and are quickly trained in basic commands like Come, Sit, Stay, Quiet, Leave it, and Down. 


Health Considerations for Cavapoos 

With the right care and an age-appropriate food, cavapoos can live for 13 to 15 years on average. They are, however, susceptible, like many other breeds, to a number of inherited health problems from their parent breeds, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle. 

To reduce the possibility that their children would inherit these illnesses, reputable breeders assess the health of their stud dogs. Syringomyelia, mitral valve disease, inherited cataracts, hip dysplasia, luxating patella, progressive retinal atrophy, entropion, and different malignancies are a few frequent health issues. 

Because of their short muzzles, cavapoos are extremely heat-sensitive. It is important to take precautions against overheating during the hot summer months because heatstroke can be lethal and happen quickly. 


Allergies can develop in cavapoos, and it can be challenging to identify the causes. Veterinarians can identify allergies with the help of a flare-up diary, albeit this may need some time. The surroundings, cleaning products used around the house, seasonal allergens like grass and pollen, particular ingredients in dog food, flea and tick bites, dust mites, and mould are all common offenders. For the sake of Cavapoos' comfort and well-being, it is essential to recognise and control these triggers. These cherished pets need regular veterinary treatment and attention to possible allergens to ensure their wellbeing. 

Cavapoo Grooming and Care 

The coat types of cavapoos vary, necessitating varying degrees of upkeep. Longer coats require more frequent care, such as a routine four to six-weekly cutting. Regular brushing helps to avoid knots and improves the relationship between the dog and owner. Cleaning the tearsstains beneath their eyes should be done gently, and keeping an eye out for dirt buildup on their belly and buttocks can help. Males may get pee stains on their clothing, which should be cleaned right once to prevent sores and odours. Given that Cavapoos are prone to tooth problems, regular dental care is essential to preventing them. Regularly checking and cleaning their ears is crucial since an excessive amount of wax buildup can result in excruciating infections. Maintaining the health and wellbeing of Cavapoos requires preventive care. 

Cavapoo Exercise and Maintenance 

Cavapoos are bright, gregarious, and intelligent dogs that need mental and physical stimulation every day to be happy and obedient. While quick walks in the morning are OK, longer, more interesting walks in the afternoon are crucial. To let off steam, they also like to meander around a safe garden; however, strong fencing is required to keep them in. 

With Cavapoo puppies, however, prudence is advised since overdoing it may sprain developing joints and bones and cause problems down the road. To prevent undue strain on their developing bodies, they shouldn't be permitted to run up and down stairs or jump on and off of furniture. The long-term health and wellbeing of Cavapoos depend heavily on the careful control of their habitat and level of exercise.  

Feeding guide 

To avoid gastrointestinal problems, cavapoo puppies need to be fed on the same schedule and with the same puppy chow every day. Any dietary adjustments should be made gradually, returning to the previous diet in case upset develops, and consulting a veterinarian is recommended. 

To meet their nutritional needs and maintain a healthy weight—obesity can result in health issues and a shortened lifespan—adult Cavapoos require high-quality food twice daily. It's important to keep an eye on their weight right away.The age and weight of a Cavapoo determines the feeding guidelines. Once a puppy is comfortable, a gradual switch to adult food can be made. At two months old, approximate daily quantities range from 96g to 127g, and at eleven months old, 80g to 114g. 69–90 grammes can be fed to adult Cavapoos. 

Bringing Home a Cavapoo from Petholicks Pet Shop 

If you're thinking about bringing a Cavapoo from Petholicks Pet Shop into your home, you'll be making a beloved friend who is well-known for its versatility and kind disposition. You can count on well-kept Cavapoos from reliable breeders at Petholicks Pet Shop, guaranteeing the wellbeing and calibre of your new pet. Cavapoos are great friends and happy additions to any home because of their endearing nature and kind disposition. You can rely on Petholicks Pet Shop to give you a healthy and happy Cavapoo puppy that will fill your house with love and joy for many years to come.

Caring for Your Cavapoo 

For Cavapoos to keep their skin and coats in good condition, regular grooming is necessary. They frequently gain from professional grooming many times a year. Along with feeding them high-quality food that is appropriate for their nutritional demands at each stage of life, daily exercise is essential to keeping them in shape and healthy.

To avoid future behavioural problems, it's critical to set limits and ground rules as soon as you bring a Cavapoo puppy home. It's essential to puppy-proof the home and yard to create a secure space for play and relaxation. This include hiding garden tools, securing electrical cords, and setting up a peaceful space for naps.A playpen, child gates, food and water bowls, a collar, a harness, a leash, a dog crate, a bed, blankets, and other necessities should be prepared ahead of time. 


Vaccination Protocol for Cavapoo Puppies at Supervet Pet Clinic Dubai 

Supervet Pet Clinic Dubai provides customized vaccination services for Cavapoo pups based on their individual requirements. Our veterinary professionals are aware of how critical early vaccination is in shielding these cute friends from frequent ailments. We offer a thorough vaccination plan made especially for Cavapoo puppies, making sure they get the shots they need at the appropriate times to promote healthy growth. Our clinic is committed to providing the best care possible for Cavapoo puppies to help them develop into happy, healthy adults, starting with their first vaccines and continuing with follow-up doses. You may rely on Supervet Pet Clinic Dubai to offer top-notch veterinary care for the immunization requirements of your priceless Cavapoo puppy.


Cavapoos are wonderful and loving pets because of their amiable nature and ability to fit into a variety of lifestyles. Cavapoos are smart, kind dogs who make wonderful therapy dogs and family companions. But proper ownership also means providing a clean, safe, and supportive environment in addition to attending to their food, exercise, and grooming needs. For the purpose of guaranteeing their health and wellbeing, routine veterinarian care is essential. This includes immunisations and preventive treatments. People can have a happy, meaningful relationship with these endearing canine friends for many years to come if they comprehend and meet the standards of Cavapoo ownership. Cavapoos are beloved family members who provide happiness and company to their families, whether they are curled up on the couch or enjoying the great outdoors.



What are the typical grooming requirements for Cavapoos? 

Cavapoos require regular grooming to maintain their coats and skin. 


How much exercise do Cavapoos need? 

Cavapoos need regular daily exercise to stay fit and healthy. 


What should I feed my Cavapoo and how often? 

Cavapoos should be fed good quality food twice a day. 


How do I puppy-proof my home for a Cavapoo? 

Puppy-proofing involves securing hazards and providing safe areas for play and rest. 


What items do I need for my Cavapoo puppy? 

Essential items include a playpen, food and water bowls, collar, leash, and bedding. 


What vaccinations and preventive treatments does my Cavapoo need? 

Cavapoos should receive vaccinations and preventive treatments as recommended by a veterinarian. 















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