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"The Ultimate Guide: Male vs Female Toy Pomeranian - Which Ones Should You Choose?"

Updated: Apr 24

Poms are “lap dogs". They are small enough to curl up on someone’s lap.  

Isn't it adorable how Pomeranians love to curl up on laps?  

Toy Pomeranian puppies adore cuddling, finding comfort and security nestled close to their beloved humans.  


The Pomeranian breed is a member of the Toy Group of dogs. Pomeranians come from the Spitz family of dogs. Spitz dogs are known for their good health and ability to endure harsh weather. 

Toy Pomeranian Puppy

Pomeranians work best as therapy dogs. They even visit people who are sick or lonely. They cheer people up with their cute ways. 

Do you know: The newborns weigh about as a lemon

In this short guide, we will discuss: How to find the right Pom for you. 


For Reading our detailed guide that has size, temperament, grooming information, and FAQS: "Comprehensive Guide to Buying and Caring for Pomeranian Puppies" ( 


Your Pomeranian will very likely march up to any big dog you encounter and act like they are the same size which means they have no fear. 

They are a bit territorial which means they think that they need to stand up to other dogs to protect their family. It can be problematic when they approach strangers. If you love the feeling of being important then Pomeranians is your go-to puppy. 

They make up good watchdogs because of barking.

Reasons to Consider Buying a Pomeranian Puppy in 2024

In 2024, considering a Pomeranian puppy as a new addition to your life might be a rewarding decision. With their loving and devoted attitude, Pomeranians provide company, making them ideal for single people or families looking for a furry friend. They can adapt to many living settings, whether in larger homes or apartments, because of their modest size. Pomeranians, despite their small size, are full of energy and love spending time with their owners. Their coats only need to be brushed regularly and occasionally bathed because of their low grooming requirements.

Furthermore, Pomeranians' widespread appeal on social media might bring even more happiness into your life because of how frequently their adorable actions win over online viewers.

They are perfect for the apartments, but you should train them regarding the barking. 

Pomeranians are good to go with children but due to their size, they can be easy targets for the children, and as all dogs have this defensive behavior it's not a good idea to get a Pomeranian when your child is too young. 

Because of their well-known relaxed behavior, Pomeranians make wonderful companions for people of all ages. They are little, but they have a great heart full of love and charm. These cuddly little joys are well-known for their pleasant nature and readiness to interact with people and other animals. Pomeranians are frequently characterized as friendly, lively, and ready to engage in a variety of activities with their owners. They also make cute pets because of their love and dedication to their owners. Pomeranians may easily grow to be adored family members with the right socialization and training, filling their owners' lives with laughter and joy.

Five Compelling Reasons

  1. Affectionate

  2. Loyal

  3. Playful

  4. Adaptable

  5. Cute

Male or female Toy Pomeranian Puppy: 

Pomeranians of both sexes have similar lifespans and physical characteristics, however, there may be some behavioral differences, according to anecdotal evidence. While female Poms may display more autonomous and territorial characteristics, males tend to be more playful. Because they are playful, males may take longer to train than females, who might learn faster. Both sexes frequently have health problems including patellar dislocation and open fontanel. To achieve maturity, breeding males after 18 months is advised. To sum up, even though there aren't any notable scientific distinctions, being aware of these traits will help you select the ideal Pomeranian family member. 

From where to buy Toy Pomeranian Puppy: 

If you have finally decided to get a Toy Pomeranian puppy, you are probably wondering where to go next! 

One of the best places to get your Toy Pomeranians in Dubai is Petholicks Pet Shop. With a wide range of 3- and 4-month-old Pomeranian pups available, Petholicks guarantees that potential pet owners will discover the perfect animal partner to enhance their lives. Petholicks provides their puppies with a loving atmosphere and high-quality care, assuring their well-being and socialization before being placed in permanent homes. To assist you in selecting the ideal Pomeranian for your family, Petholicks provides professional advice and support, regardless of your level of experience with pets. Enjoy the happiness that comes with taking home a Pomeranian puppy from Petholicks, where each puppy is given the utmost care and affection. 

Toy Pomeranian Puppy


Things to keep in mind while buying a Toy Pomeranian Puppy 

  1. The puppies should not be fat or underweight. A swollen stomach is generally a sign of worms or other health problems. 

  2. Puppies should have straight legs which should be sturdy. 

  3. Examine the puppy’s ears for mites, which will cause discharge in the ears. The inside should be pink not red or inflamed. 

  4. The eyes should be clear and bright. 

  5. Check the fleas or mites by running your hand from head to tail, then under the tail (fleas are more likely to hide under most dogs' tails). Mites may look like dandruff. 


If you want a forward, friendly, excitable dog, the first puppy to greet you may be the one you seek. 

The intelligence of Pomeranians is one of their special traits. Even though they are little, they pick things up quickly and do well in agility and obedience training. Their intelligence and eagerness-to-please attitude make them extremely trainable and versatile pets that can learn a wide range of commands and tricks.


In conclusion, bringing a puppy into your house is a significant choice that needs much thought and planning. You can build a solid foundation for a happy and rewarding relationship with your new furry companion by being thorough in your research to find trustworthy breeders, learning everything there is to know about the responsibilities that come with pet ownership, and committing to giving your new furry companion the care and training they need. 





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