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  • Best Price

  • Passport

  • Vaccination

  • Microchip




​       1 Month Health Guarantee

Whats a special Order?

A special order is when you want to add a new member in your family and you put the trust in Petholicks and let us choose your next best friend, weather its a puppy, kitten or bird we promise you to bring joy to your family and friends with the added pet in perfect health.


 Whats the procedure of a special order?

 Ordering a pet cant get more simple, we need a deposit of 50% of the adoption fees of the pet and once we get the confirmation of payment we will send you the pictures and videos for your approval, after recieving approval from you we promise to import the pet in a maximum of 2 weeks and once the pet is here you get a free vetinary check up voucher from us to ensure he/she is in perfect health with all vaccinations up to date, microchipped with a passport.



                                       Why Petholicks?














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