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Please Whats App 0528111169 for Grooming Appointment

Give your cat a lion cut with us_) #indi
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From a full groom to a manicure, your pampered pooch can have their every need met at petholicks dog Grooming!


Services offered include:


Full groom – “The full package for your pampered pooch” – Upon arrival after being booked in your dog will be:

  • brushed through and de-matted as necessary

  • have a pre-bath trim (if necessary)

  • have a bath with professional shampoo

  • Be towel dried briefly then finished off using the drying cabinet or freestanding dryer

  • Brushed through again (Removing as much loose hair as possible)

  • Groomed or clipped to the owners requirements

  • Nails, ears and anal glands done as necessary

Dry cut – A good brush through and hair cut to the owner’s requirements. Nails, Ears and Anal Glands done as necessary.

Bath and Blow Dry – For those who just need a relaxing bath to freshen them up and a good brush through.

Ear Cleaning, Nails and Anal Glands – these are included in all the services offered and can be done on their own if necessary. Appointments are not always needed for this but please phone and check first.


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