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Type: Angora Rabbits
Age: 9 Months
Health Status: Excellent
Immunizations were given


The second largest in the exhibitions and home acquisition and is nice smooth and attentive, which is a bit larger than Angora English where he weighs
To 6 and 8 kilos and also has a beautiful furry but a shorter fur than Angora English .
Rabbits are small mammals in the Leporidae family in order to Lagomorpha (along with rabbit and bica). Cuniculus includes Oryctolagus species of European rabbits and their offspring, the 305 strains of local rabbits in the world. Sylvilagus include thirteen species of wild rabbits, among them seven types of cotton. European rabbits, introduced in every continent except Antarctica, are familiar throughout the world as an animal and as a nested form of cattle and pets. With its wide impact on ecology and culture, rabbits (or rabbits), in many parts of the world, are part of daily life – food, clothing, companions and as a source of artistic inspiration.

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