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"Choosing a Cockapoo Puppy: New Parent Guidance"

Updated: May 2

A typical Cockapoo is a happy and merry dog. They have the unique gift of being able to sense one’s emotional state and are extremely forgiving. The forgiving nature makes the Cockapoo unparalleled as a family dog and has also made it one of the top picks as a therapy dog, especially when children are involved-particularly those with autism. I would say that the best and most appealing thing about the Cockapoo is that it is loving and eager to please, and thus easily trained. 

Cockapoo Puppy

With their intelligence and love of humans, Cockapoos have developed a reputation as excellent therapy and service dogs. They bring joy to the elderly and ill as well as provide a lifeline for people with disabilities. They assist children in the autistic spectrum and can help youngsters overcome speech and emotional difficulties. 

Scientific evidence has shown that being around and stroking dogs can provide comfort and reduce stress levels. 

They fit into everyone’s lifestyle. If you like walking a lot, they will love that too, but if you fancy a pajama day watching movies, they will join you on the sofa and enjoy the snacks with you! They are very good at training. If you put your time into a Cockapoo, you will have a well-behaved, trained, loyal, and loving family pet. 

Cockapoo is one of the easiest crossbreeds to be housetrained. 

If you are older and the elderly population is living with you then Cockapoo is the best choice.

Read our comprehensive guide here: 

A submissive dog will by nature be more passive, less energetic, and possibly easier to train. 

A dominant dog will usually be more energetic and livelier. They may also be more stubborn. A placid, patient dog is likely to fare better in a home with young children than an impatient one. 

The sizes are: 




Standard or Maxi 


Five Compelling Reasons to Choose a Cockapoo

These cute mixed-breed canines combine the greatest traits of Poodles and Cocker Spaniels to create the perfect family or individual companion. Their friendly attitude and lively demeanor make them ideal companions, bringing joy and laughter into any household. Because of their intelligence and trainability, cockapoos are well-known for being rather easy to housebreak and train different instructions to. They also usually get along well with kids and other pets, which helps to create peaceful connections within the family. Because of their hypoallergenic coat and little shedding, cockapoos are a good fit for homes where allergy sufferers live. All things considered, Cockapoos are the epitome of kindness, wit, and versatility, and their lucky owners may look forward to years of love and company from them.

If you've finally made up your mind to get a Cockapoo, Petholicks is the greatest pet store to do so. With their wealth of knowledge in both breeding and caring for Cockapoos, Petholicks guarantees the health, socialization, and readiness of every youngster for adoption into your home. Throughout the adoption process, their committed staff offers direction and assistance, making the transfer easy for you and your new furry buddy. You can rely on Petholicks to assist you in finding the ideal Cockapoo friend for a lifetime of love and joy.

The dog is vaccinated and microchipped. Additionally, it has a passport. 

To buy your Cockapoo puppy: 

The Journey Home 

Bringing a new puppy home in the car can be an experience. Your puppy will be devasted at leaving his or her mother, brothers and sisters, and a familiar environment. Everything will be strange and frightening, and he will probably whimper and whine or even bark on the way to his or her new home. 

The best and safest way to transport a pup is in a crate. Put a comfortable blanket in the bottom rubbed with the scent of the mother. Ask your travel companion to sit next to the crate and talk softly to the frightened little. As soon as you arrive home, let your puppy into the garden or yard, and when he “performs”, praise him for his efforts. Never use his name to scold or he will associate it with bad things. Resist the urge to pick the puppy up all the time. During the first few nights your puppy will whine; try your best to ignore the pitiful cries. 

After a few days start to leave your puppy for a few minutes at a time, gradually building up the time. If he leaves his food, take it away and try it later. Don't leave it down all the time or he may get used to turning his nose up at it. 

Cockapoo Puppy

In the beginning, you must be prepared to devote several hours a day to your new puppy.

Once he has had the all-clear after his vaccinations, get into the habit of taking him out of the house and garden or yard for a short walk every day.


Common Plants toxic to dogs in your yard include 

  • Crocus 

  • Daffodil 

  • Azalea 

Cockapoo Puppy and Children 

Discourage the kids from constantly picking up your gorgeous new puppy. They should learn respect for the puppy, which is a living creature with his or her own needs, not a toy. Make sure your puppy gets enough time to sleep most of the time in the beginning don’t let your children constantly pester him. Sleep is very important to puppies, just as it is for babies. Allow your Cockapoo to eat at his own pace uninterrupted; letting youngsters play with the dog while eating is a no-no. 

Food and Toys for your Cockapoo Puppy

Although most Cockapoos love their food, it is still generally a good idea to put food down at specific mealtimes and remove it after 15 or 20 minutes. Make sure he always has access to water. Leave toys available to play with to prevent destructive chewing (a popular occupation of bored Cockapoos or one suffering from separation anxiety. Consider leaving a radio or TV on very softly in the background.


Before you go to work, get into the daily habit of getting yourself ready, and then feeding and exercising your Cockapoo. Similarly, when you come home, your Cockapoo will feel starved of attention. Greet him normally but try not to go overboard by making too much of a fuss as soon as you walk through the door. Give him a pat and stroke then take off your coat and do a few other things before turning your attention back to him.

Vaccination Schedule for Your Cockapoo Puppy

The usual schedule is for the pup to have his first vaccination at six to eight weeks of age. The Cockapoo puppy requires the second vaccination around four weeks later and then maybe a third to complete his immunity, which is often from 10 to 12 weeks of age .7 days after that he is safe to mix with other dogs. 


In conclusion, selecting a Cockapoo should align with your lifestyle and commitment level. Understanding their needs, from socialization to daily care, ensures a harmonious relationship. Responsible ownership involves patience, dedication, and love. With proper preparation and care, Cockapoos can become cherished members of any family. 


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