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Healthy Puppies for Sale in Dubai


Pet lovers in Dubai place a high value on finding healthy pups for sale, which is indicative of the city's dedication to animal care and responsible pet keeping. It's critical to locate reliable suppliers for puppies due to the growing pet culture and demand for superior companions. For those looking to expand their family with furry members, Dubai has a wide range of possibilities, whether they are in the quiet suburbs or the busy streets of the city. Finding healthy pups in Dubai is made easier by the wide range of breeds available, which can fit any inclination or lifestyle, from gregarious Golden Retrievers to devoted German Shepherds and endearing Pomeranians. Prospective pet owners can feel secure knowing that pet stores and breeders work hard to maintain the highest levels of quality in puppy care and breeding procedures. 

Choosing a Reputable Pet Shop 

Making the appropriate choice for your cherished puppy's health and well-being when it comes to renowned pet stores is essential. Petholicks Pet Shop Dubai is a reliable location that is well-known for its everlasting commitment to animal welfare and excellent offerings. Petholicks has a holistic approach to pet care, giving each furry visitor the highest priority when it comes to their enjoyment and overall health. 

Apart from offering outstanding care for pups, Petholicks provides a diverse range of dog breeds to accommodate varying tastes and lifestyles. Petholicks guarantees that potential pet owners may choose the ideal companion for their house and family, offering various breeds from lively Labrador Retrievers to gentle pups like Labradoodles. Petholicks is a leader in the pet market, known for its expert personnel and dedication to quality. 

Healthy Puppies for sale in Dubai 

If you’re searching for healthy puppies in Dubai, look no further than Petholicks Dubai. Renowned as a reputable pet shop, Petholicks Dubai provides exceptional products and services to pet owners throughout the city.  

We have a large assortment of gorgeous puppies for sale in Dubai at Petholicks Dubai. We try to offer a wide range of excellent puppies since we recognize how important it is to choose a loving and healthy dog. Every puppy we offer is sourced from reliable breeders and is healthy and socialized thanks to the hard work of our dedicated team. Whether you're searching for a charming Pomeranian, a devoted German Shepherd, or a playful Golden Retriever, we have the ideal furry friend to brighten your house. Explore the available pups on their website to meet your next best friend.  

You can be confident that you're obtaining a puppy of the greatest caliber when you pick Petholicks Dubai. We also offer new pet owners direction and assistance. 

Where to buy Dogs & Puppies in Dubai & UAE? 

Check out our all-available breeds at the gallery here. For more information on the available puppies, contact us or visit us. 

Here's why they are a top choice: 

Wide Selection:  

Petholicks Dubai is pleased to present a wide range of gorgeous and healthy puppies that come from reliable breeders. Petholicks has the ideal furry friend waiting for you, whether you're drawn to the lovable German Shepherd, the energetic Golden Retriever, or the endearing Pomeranian. Every puppy at Petholicks is reared with love and care as part of their dedication to quality and care, making them ready to become treasured members of your family. Discover the perfect dog buddy at Petholicks Dubai today and feel the excitement of bringing a new furry friend into your home. 

Quality Assurance:  

Every puppy available at Petholicks Dubai is certain to be healthy, socialized, and from reliable breeders who place a high value on the temperament and general well-being of their canines. Because we at Petholicks know how important it is to give our furry friends only the finest, we choose our breeders carefully, making sure they share our dedication to quality. You may be confident that the puppy you select from Petholicks will grow up to be a happy, healthy, and well-mannered pet. Discover the delight of bringing a new furry friend into your life by experiencing the difference that Petholicks has to offer now. 

Vaccinated and Dewormed:  

Petholicks Dubai recognizes the need to vaccinate puppies against common diseases, which is why they make sure all their puppies receive these vaccinations and dewormings. Every puppy in our care has their health and well-being as our top priority, thus we take preventative steps to make sure they are safe from any health hazards. Our goal is to provide our puppies with the finest start in life and enable them to flourish in their new homes by administering thorough immunizations and deworming treatments. We at Petholicks Dubai provide our furry friends with the best possible care. 

Guidance and Support:  

Visit our extensive pet care guides to learn more about issues like recognizing the temperament and medical requirements of different breeds, including Cockapoos, Mini Pomeranians, King Charles Cavaliers, Samoyeds, and Merle French dogs. These comprehensive manuals offer insightful advice to help you properly take care of your animal friends. 

Here are the links to their comprehensive guides: 






At Petholicks Dubai, as a new pet owner, you'll discover priceless advice and assistance. Our knowledgeable staff ensures a seamless transition for you and your new pet by providing professional guidance on general care, diet, and training. Explore the available pups on our website,, to find the ideal fit. You can also get in touch with us at 00971528111169 or by email at if you have any questions or need help. Our goal at Petholicks Dubai is to support you in developing a happy and satisfying bond with your new pet. 


Customer Testimonials 

Petholicks Pet Shop Dubai has received great reviews from customers who appreciate their outstanding care and commitment to creating happy and healthy puppies. 

  • Abeer Bizri  Petholicks has given us one of the best experiences of becoming fur parents! We got the Doberman Lorna as our new bestie, and she has given us so much company and comfort! I have never seen a sweeter and calmer puppy! Thank you Petholicks and thank you Daoud for making this a special experience for us! 


  • Sophie Gunstone  We have bought our kitten and 2 puppies from here, a British blue, a teacup poodle, and a Maltipoo being our newest edition to our family. Every time we have visited, their space is very clean, with each animal being given human contact and love. Each animal has a very clean space that is comfortable and cleaned very regularly. The staff are incredibly friendly and knowledgeable when posed with questions about the breed and nature of the animals. They certainly care for each animal. You receive a pet passport with all their immunizations up to date and their shop also stocks everything you need for your new fur baby. If like us, you are looking for a lovely new bundle of joy for life then please go here. You will be very happy, and we adore our little ones! Thank you Petholicks🥰 


  • Lina Malas  We just got the cutest, sweetest ragdoll kitten from Petholicks. They were very careful about ensuring that we wore gloves while handling her and were very professional in every way. I could tell that Nimesh cared about the animals and he wanted to ensure that we had all the necessary supplies and equipment to make a great home for our new addition. 



In conclusion, pet owners must ensure the health and well-being of their puppies, which calls for commitment and consideration. People may make sure their furry friends receive the best care from experienced specialists by choosing a trustworthy pet store like Petholicks Pet Shop Dubai. To provide an atmosphere in which pups can flourish and lead the best life possible, Petholicks places a high priority on holistic pet health. Petholicks provides the highest caliber of care and provides a selection of services to promote the health and welfare of puppies. Petholicks strives to make the transition between pet ownership and their new furry friends as easy as possible by providing advice on training, nutrition, and general care in addition to guaranteeing that puppies are healthy, socialized, and obtained from reliable breeders. 


Where can I find reputable breeders in Dubai? 

Reputable breeders in Dubai can be found through online directories, referrals from veterinarians, or by attending reputable dog shows and events. 

What should I look for when choosing a puppy from a breeder in Dubai? 

When choosing a puppy from a breeder in Dubai, look for the cleanliness of the facility, health certifications for the parent dogs, and socialization practices for the puppies. 

Are there any specific health checks I should request before purchasing a puppy in Dubai? 

Yes, it's important to request health certificates, vaccination records, and genetic health screenings for common breed-specific issues before purchasing a puppy in Dubai. 

Can I adopt a puppy from a shelter in Dubai? 

Yes, there are several animal shelters and rescue organizations in Dubai where you can adopt puppies in need of loving homes. 

What are the legal requirements for purchasing and owning a puppy in Dubai? 

Legal requirements for purchasing and owning a puppy in Dubai may include obtaining a pet ownership license, adhering to vaccination and microchipping regulations, and following local ordinances related to pet care and ownership. 


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