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How to train Shihtzu puppies: A guide for pet parents


This in-depth key to learning the subtleties of Shihtzu behaviour, finding the best ways to care for them, and guaranteeing their wellbeing. This article is a helpful tool whether you already own a Shihtzu or are thinking about getting one for your home. Explore the world of owning a Shihtzu, where each playful bark and wag of the tail fosters a closer, more satisfying relationship. 

Shihtzu a sweet loving dog has won hearts all over the world. Shuh Tzus have gorgeous long coats that come in several colours, including black, blue, gold, and red.


Height: 9 to 10½ inches tall 

Weight: 9 to 16 pounds.


Shihtzu is having an interesting origin!

Shihtzu, a small toy breed known for its friendly nature traces its roots to Tibetan and Chinese royalty. For ages, Shih Tzu has been a highly prized breed in China, particularly among the nobility. Shih Tzu was frequently presented to the emperor or other important officials as a royal gift. This has improved the breed's standing as a sign of riches and aristocracy in addition to acting as a symbol of friendship and devotion.

Unique Physical Features

Some characters that make it an ideal choice:

Compact Size: Shihtzu’s fit perfectly in both apartments and larger homes, making them ideal for any living area.

Luxurious Coat: To maintain the health and beauty of their double coat, regular grooming is necessary.

Expressional Eyes: A Shihtzu’s big, beautiful eyes give them a captivating appeal.

Appearance: Their petite stature, beautiful fur, and endearing expression helps them stand out.

Bonding Through Care: Develop a closer bond with your Shihtzu partner by incorporating grooming into leisure time.

Training Tips

Must know tips for pet parents:

  • When dogs are bored or anxious, they frequently behave in an undesirable way. Dogs may be kept busy and occupied for a long time with toys. Pets are encouraged to utilise their canine talents to "solve" the "problem" of acquiring goodies by using interactive feeding alternatives and puzzle toys. In addition to being enjoyable, they offer dogs the sense of achievement they need to maintain their mental health. Just watch the goodies to make sure your pet stays within a healthy weight range.

  •  Dogs require exercise to maintain their mental and physical health. The ideal exercise and fun for most Shih Tzus is two excellent walks each day. Dogs that do not exercise enough are frequently more likely to acquire long-term conditions including heart disease and excessive blood pressure. Pets that get too little exercise also experience boredom, worry, and anxiety, which frequently manifests as excessive barking, destructive behaviour, and indoor accidents. Dogs who exercise often enough don't require a lot of training to stop these undesirable behaviours.

  • Make sure to give your dog praise when you observe them doing desired behaviours. When you know someone is about to stop by, bring goodies along if you've been practicing not to bark when the doorbell rings. Give your dog a reward just before they bark to let them know you noticed and value their efforts. Because Shih Tzus are such people-oriented dogs, praise and rewards are frequently enthusiastically received by them.

  • Socialisation Skills: To create a well-adjusted and versatile friend, expose your Shihtzu early on to a variety of situations, people, and other animals.


  • Training sessions should be concise, energetic, and pleasant to sustain the participants' interest and focus, given their lower attention spans.


  • Be patient and understanding, since each dog learns differently. Throughout training, cultivate a close relationship by being empathetic, patient, and celebrating minor successes.

Nurturing a Shihtzu

  1. Balanced Nutrition

  2. We should consider their size, age and degree of exercise while setting up diet plan for them. Regular feeding routine helps in maintaining optimal weight and supports digestive system. Treats can be wisely included, offering them moments of happiness as well as additional nutrition. 

  3. Exercise Regimen

Understanding the importance of consistent exercise is critical for your Shihtzu's health. A happy and active lifestyle is ensured by customising their workout programme to their size and energy levels. Keep them mentally and physically busy by engaging in fun activities like interactive toys, lively indoor games, or brisk walks. Frequent exercise preserves their physical well-being and helps them to have a cheerful, well-mannered attitude. Enjoy the happiness that comes with doing things together as it will help you and your Shihtzu become closer and help your pet live a more active, healthier, and ultimately happy life.

Shihtzu Health Check

  •  learn about the common health problems that this adorable breed faces.

  •  Learn how to recognise symptoms early and investigate ways to avoid them, so that you may create the groundwork for a strong and healthy relationship.

  •  veterinary examinations after regular intervals are essential to the general health and wellbeing of your Shihtzu.It provides important information about their health status and allow for the early identification of possible problems. 

  • Making preventative healthcare a top priority ensures that your beloved Shihtzu companion will live a long, happy, and healthy life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How frequently should my pet be groomed?

The kind and breed of shihtzu determines how often they need to be groomed. While short-haired shihtzus can be groomed every few days, long-haired ones could need daily care.


What kind of food is best for a puppy Shihtzu?

Puppies of Shihtzu breeds flourish when fed a well-balanced diet of premium puppy food. For information on the precise dietary requirements based on the size and age of your puppy, speak with your veterinarian.


Can Shihtzu pups get along well with kids?

Shihtzu pups are often regarded as having a kind and amiable disposition, which makes them excellent pets for households with young children. However, to guarantee a happy connection, monitoring is essential.


How much exercise is necessary for a puppy Shihtzu?

Shihtzu pups are little dogs, but they do well with modest activity. 


In conclusion, bringing a Shihtzu into your life is a joyful adventure filled with care and companionship. A satisfying partnership begins with acknowledging their own background and meeting their wants. This book acts as your compass, providing information on training, grooming, and health issues that are essential for a successful relationship with your Shihtzu. 

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