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Type: Guinea Pigs
Age: 3 Month
Health Status: Excellent

guinea pigs.jpg

Cavia porcellus (sometimes referred to as Guinea Pigs) is a type of animal belonging to the capillaries of the capillaries. [3] [4] It is active in nature overnight to look for its food made from vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, and dry grains. The kabiya pigs are shy animals that spend most of the time hiding, so the breeders prefer to make a shelter or a house for them. It is about 8 to 14 inches in size. The pig’s capillaries are, unlike their name, neither a pig nor a guinea pig; they are a rodent native to South America and the genus is called guinea pig only because it has a voice that approximates the voice of wild pigs in Guinea. He is also known as the mountain rabbit, the lint, the sufficient, the turkey rabbit, the Indian rabbit, and many mistake him and the “hamster”, which is not stardom at all.

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