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pet training in arjan dubai

Let's Help you Empower
Your Pet to Live it's Best Life!

Petholicks Dubai offers a Training School for your 
Pets to help them learn, be kind and stay safe.

Petholicks is now Offering Pet Training At Your Home for only 4,000 2,500 AED

At Petholicks Dubai we thoroughly understanding how a dog communicates is the first step to solving and preventing the most common dog behaviour problems. With have a personal training on sight who will work with your pet directly to help train, educate and make sure your pet feels loved and understood. We provide the best pet training in Dubai.

Looking for the best way to train your puppy? Look no further than our Puppy Training program. We specialize in potty training and obedience training, so you can finally get your furry friend to listen. With our help, you can teach your puppy all sorts of commands and tricks, making for a happy and well-behaved pet.

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Book a Training Appointment.

Did you know? Having a well-trained pet is important in social places. Pets that are professionally trained create a lasting impression on not only children and adults but other dogs as well, and how they should behave around humans. A well-trained pet can help create and encourage other pets to do the same!

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